Making Every Pittsburgher a Priority

In 2013, Pittsburgh was rocked by scandal. Our Police Chief went to jail, our Mayor was under grand jury investigation for possible police-related misconduct, and our Controller said there was nothing he could do to stop it.

Meanwhile, thanks in large part to new visionaries on City Council, our City was beginning to be recognized around the world for its economic comeback. That November, voters had a choice between a new vision and a safe, but ultimately failed route forward. Pittsburghers overwhelmingly responded by voting no to legacy politics and yes to government reform. The new mayor was elected, three reform-minded Council members won overwhelmingly, and a progressive visionary was installed as President of City Council.

In our new Pittsburgh, we need elected officials who show leadership through innovation, collaboration, and advocacy–not ones who fulfill only the basic tenets of the job. We need fiscal leadership; someone who prevents fraud and waste rather than making excuses after it’s already happened. Being a watchdog is not enough–performing at the minimum standard is not enough. Pittsburghers deserve better. Pittsburghers deserve someone who will make every resident a priority.

Natalia Rudiak is running for City Controller because she knows that our biggest challenge is ensuring that every Pittsburgher benefits from our growth. Before a single dollar of the one billion the Controller oversees goes out the door, we need to make every Pittsburgher a priority. We must put as much focus on addressing issues of poverty, affordable housing, equity in development, and our kids’ education as we do on keeping our A1 bond rating. Not only is it the path to our sound financial future, but it is our moral imperative.

As City Controller, Natalia Rudiak will fight for:

A Note from Natalia